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Articles of Interest » Dance Information and Etiquette

Dance Information and Etiquette

Social ballroom dancing does have some guidelines which may not be known to those who are new to this type of dancing.

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American Style & Theater Dance Arts

Explains the difference between social ballroom dancing compared to a performing art.

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Better Learning and Better Dancing

Learn how to dance more efficiently

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American Swing

Describes the different types of swing.

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Dance Shoes

Why dance shoes are important.

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Beyond Lead and Follow

How to lead and follow to be a better ballroom dancer

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Dance Like a Champion, Eat Line a Champion

How nutrition can effect your dancing.

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Dancing in the Movies

Movies about dancing, old and new.

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The "Two Step" Way to Better Health

How dancing can improve you overall physical health

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How to Take a Dance Lesson

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of lessons

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Ballroom Dancing Myths

Ballroom Dancing Myths

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The Dances Defined

The types of ballroom dances defined by USA Dance

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Dance Floor Etiquette

General dance floor manners